What Is a Halftime Motion in a Criminal Case?

Half-time motion in a criminal case is a way to get out of criminal charges. The law firms in UAE present half-time motion to the court as an appeal against the court’s decision of convicting a person. The motion is presented by the defence lawyer asking to dismiss the criminal charges filed by the prosecutor. When half-time motion is filed, it states that the court has failed to check and look at all the facts before announcing the verdict.  It is not as simple as it looks. There are certain complexities a lawyer faces while filing half-time motion.

Any defence lawyer from the law firm in UAE files the motion only when he/she feels that the evidence presented in the court to prove charges were not sufficient. It may happen that the evidence and proofs presented before the court prove certain rudiments of the charges, but it is inadequate to convict a person on certain base.

The defence lawyer from the law firms in UAE files the half-time motion if the judge has given the advantage of doubting the applicant at the initial phase and before any other evidence is presented in the court.

If the evidence presented by the prosecution does not prove even a single element of the charge or fails to do at first sight in the case, then the defence attorney of the law firm in UAE can make a motion to dismiss and argue.

A lawyer from the law firm in UAE never files a motion in certain kind of cases as it might have a negative impact on the case and the outcome. It might happen that the appeal made for the motion gets rejected by the judge.

Any lawyer from the law firm in UAE files the motion only when the evidence is actually inadequate for a judge to make the final decision.

Therefore, the half-time motion is an appeal or request made by defense lawyer of the law firm in UAE to the judge to dismiss the case if the prosecutor presents insufficient criminal complaint against the suspect.

Listed down are some of the commonly filed Motions before trial by any lawyer from a law firm in Dubai to alter or completely dismiss the charges in the criminal case.

  • Motion to alter the bail: In this motion request or appeal is made to the judge by the defense lawyer to alter the bail status of the suspect.
  • Motion to dismiss the complaint: In this motion appeal is made to the judge by the defense lawyer to dismiss the charges of accusation that are made against suspect due to insufficient criminal evidence
  • Motion to reduce charges:  In this motion appeal is made to the judge by the defense lawyer to reduce extra charges on defendant and precisely charge only for an alleged crime.
  • Motion to strike before the conviction: In this motion a suspect will be given prevention from facing the penalties and other jail guidelines if associated with a person with a criminal record. This can only happen if the judge of the court approves the motion.

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