Triple Threat: 3 Signs That You Are in a Toxic Relationship


A relationship builds a family based on love and trust. With these foundations, a family can stand the test of time. A lot of people become happy being in these kinds of families. Unfortunately, there are others who don’t live up to their “Happily Ever After.” Some relationships and families eventually end up failing.

People who stay in these relationships are always open to physical abuse. Women tend to become victims of domestic violence. A lot of stories detail the brutality women endure on a daily basis while being in a toxic relationship. Black eyes, busted lips, bruised collarbones, and broken ribs are just a few of those injuries that they end up having.

When physical abuse is evident, people should always know that there is always a way out. The problem is that they always lose hope and stay in a relationship because they feel that they have nowhere else to go. If this is the case, then people should always keep in mind that starting all over again is better than being hurt all the time.

There are also extreme cases that end up tragically because a person tends to stay too long in an abusive relationship. What’s even saddening is that a lot of them do not know that they are “actually” in a toxic relationship. Here are some signs that could help people identify if they are in such relationships.

Not Good Enough


A person can feel that he or she may not be good enough for their partners when in a failing abusive relationship. People try hard to prove their worth, and they want to gain the approval of the other party on a constant basis.

Someone is always putting someone down

Whenever someone is always craving for approval, no amount of effort would make it possible for this kind of relationship. Toxic relationships compete and strive for acceptance from both parties involved, and they refuse to give in. Instead of personal growth, couples who become toxic do not grow at all and continue to have arguments.

Having constant fights


A typical couple can have arguments and misunderstanding at times. What’s alarming is when fights get physical and psychologically intense. A fight between ordinary couples might just be some friendly shoving, while a toxic couple’s fight can become a bare-knuckle brawl against each other. If this is the case, get out immediately before anything tragic happens.


People always have a choice to choose. Never settle for a toxic relationship where things might become grim for everybody involved. Get out of it immediately when it gets physically abusive. You can call law enforcement, lawyers, relatives, and friends. Always remember that starting over is better than being constantly hurt.